Armored car work

Working in the financial industry can be a challenging and rewarding experience. However, it can also be a dangerous one, especially when you are responsible for transporting large sums of money. I know this firsthand from my time working at Loomis Fargo ATM Company, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo. During my time at these different financial institutions, I was responsible for transporting cash and other valuables to and from various locations. This meant that I was often carrying large amounts of money, which made me a target for potential thieves. To protect myself, I was issued a gun by my employer. However, despite the inherent danger of my job, the company did nothing to ensure our safety. There were no security measures in place to protect us, and the union was useless in advocating for our rights. I found myself constantly worried about my safety and the safety of my colleagues. We were often working long hours, and the stress of the job was taking its toll on our mental and physical health. Despite this, the company did nothing to address our concerns. It was a frustrating and demoralizing experience, and it made me realize just how little some companies value their employees. I knew that I needed to take action to protect myself and my colleagues, so I began to research ways to improve our working conditions. I discovered that there were organizations that could help us, such as the National Association of Armored Transport (NAAT). This organization provided resources and support for armored truck drivers like myself, and I found it to be a valuable resource. Through my involvement with NAAT, I was able to connect with other drivers and share our experiences. We were able to advocate for better working conditions and safety measures, and we were able to make a real difference in our industry. Looking back on my time working in the financial industry, I realize just how important it is to stand up for your rights and advocate for change. It can be a difficult and frustrating process, but it is essential if we want to create a safer and more equitable workplace for everyone.
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