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Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps - PC [video game]

Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps - PC [video game]

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Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is a 1-2 player, hybrid turn-based/realtime 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare in parts of the Mediterranean Theater including North Africa, Italy, Sicily and Crete from 1940 to 1945. Experience combat in a full 3D battlefield as machinegun tracers arc overhead and exploding artillery shells shake the earth! Watch the famous Deutsches Afrika Korps storm the fortress of Tobruk, or help the US and British forces defend against powerful German counter strikes at Anzio. Fight with the elite German Fallschirmj ger units in Crete, or follow General Patton's sweep across the island of Sicily.

The fluid game interface combines with 3D lines of sight, misidentification of targets, enemy detection by sound, advanced armor penetration systems, unit morale and leadership effects, spreading fires and billowing smoke, wind and weather - and much more to bring you unprecedented realism in a computer simulation.

Units are squads, teams, and individual vehicles. You can command a force as small as a depleted platoon, or as large as a several reinforced battalions. Each man and weapon is kept track of for maximum realism. Full Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) for all the nations represented (Germany, USA, Italy, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, South Africa, France) are modeled with thousands of different unit types available depending on the year, month and region

  • Battles and Operations can be designed, modified and customized by the player with the full Editor that is built into the game. Create your own maps, save them and even re-use them in different battles using the new Map Import Feature or let the powerful Automap creator do it for you.
  • The game and 210+ page PDF manual comes in three different installable versions, English, French or German
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