The cable company is deceiving you false ads.

Cable Company Deception The Truth

Beware of this ad.  Don’t buy it because it’s false advertising!

The technicians are told to lie put whatever in place and get the job done and that’s it so what a way to screw people over.
that photo was taken in Aiken South Carolina, just to prove that what the cable giant uses.

10G internet is a new technology that promises to deliver faster internet speeds than ever before.  Comcast has been testing 10G  in some areas.  However, its important to note that Comcast doesn't use a fiber optic connection.  Instead,  they use coaxial connection.


on the other hand verizon and at&t own and operate a true fiber optic network direct to your home and business.  Fiber optics cables use led or lazer pulses to denote 1s and 0s.  the basic units of data.  that offers super fast and speeds,  the basic use of data.

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