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No Activation Fees, No early termination fees.

You buy the streaming tv (stick, tv, streaming media), Get rid of the cable box, rip, no more calling , no more headaches, no more stress, no more losing channels that you were promised and signed up for, no more fees and more fees and well you get the point. You're probably smiling but it's true. When was the last time you actually turned on a movie, show, music, on your time?

We have a link in the menu area about illegal streaming players and why not to trust those and the downloads.

Only contract you have is your provider if you do about internet. Make sure you read the fine print, avoid the discussion forums because the common folks don't see to really understand. By reading what we have you will have a better choice option.

Remember the cable , or satellite company is still making money. Yes, you have investors like me and my friend and others who want a chunk of the action. The data is used up too, which is really how they earn more money. The price is just a certain fee.

Did you cut the cord correct? Make sure its roku , Amazon, Apple, Google Chrome, Nvidia. Make sure when you buy that streaming player that you have the correct content. It will indicate on the media. Make sure

Ok, so we have a router with Verizon. Even if you have Comcast, Cox, Frontier, etc., you have your internet provider. We pay $126 per month, everyone is making excuses about their bill.

OTA broadcast TVTV with the old rabbit ears. We pay $50 a yr for live tv.





I have used TiVo in the past (cable card setup - it also worked with OTA), my problem was not only did you have to invest in an expensive DVR + subscription service, but each and every TV had to have the TiVo Mini ($199 device that basically only displays Hulu, Netflix & TiVo DVR), and you can’t use streaming devices with it. The more TVs you have, the higher the price.

Amazon.com: Roku Streaming Stick 4K | Streaming Device 4K/HDR/Dolby Vision with Roku Voice Remote and TV Controls This is a start,

We love Roku, been owners for about 12 years.

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