How Financial Institutions Can Make Online Teller Services More Helpful

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My mom has a bank and it's awful.   What is a bank teller?   What is their job?   

Why are bank tellers going into a customers account let say if something is wrong with the transaction?    Isn't the job of a branch the customer service rep at a desk?   Are we incorrect about that?

Are you frustrated with how to do better with online tellers? Do you find that staff at locations aren’t very helpful? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to navigate online teller services and get the help they need.

But there’s good news. Financial institutions can make online teller services more helpful by modernizing their teller systems. By doing so, they can give staff a complete view of their customer and provide better assistance.

One way to modernize teller systems is to use smart-branch formats. In traditional bank branches, 70 percent of the floor space is devoted to tellers and other assisted-sales and -servicing areas, with 30 percent dedicated to self-service. Smart branches flip this ratio and have a significantly smaller, simpler, and more streamlined footprint1.

Another way is to train bank tellers to spot instances when someone may be trying to exploit an older adult. This can significantly improve protections for vulnerable customers2.

By making these changes, financial institutions can make online teller services more helpful for the public. They can help people navigate online teller services more easily and get the help they need.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your financial institution today about modernizing their teller systems and making online teller services more helpful.

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