Shipping from US to worldwide

There are several reasons why it may cost more to ship to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, or other international destinations from the US. Here are some of the main factors that contribute to the higher shipping costs: 1. Distance: Shipping costs are largely determined by the distance between the origin and destination. International shipments require more distance to be covered, which means higher shipping costs. 2. Customs and Duties: When shipping internationally, packages must go through customs clearance, which can add extra time and cost to the shipping process. Customs duties and taxes may also be imposed on the shipment, which can further increase the cost. 3. Carrier Fees: International shipments may be subject to additional fees charged by the shipping carrier, such as fuel surcharges, handling fees, and other charges. 4. Packaging: International shipments may require more robust packaging to ensure that the contents are protected during transit. This can add to the overall shipping cost. 5. Regulations: Different countries have different regulations and requirements for shipping, which can add complexity and cost to the shipping process. Overall, shipping internationally is more complex and requires more resources than shipping domestically. These additional factors contribute to the higher shipping costs for international shipments.
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