Steve Forman from working jobs to tech Please read sorry for the length

Steve H Forman was just an average guy.   When he was in his teen years around 15,  he worked for 2 major fast food place.   The pay was horrible,   hostile, toxic environment that he put up with.   Steve didn't realize that working in the food industry isn't as worth it as people think it is.  You have to deal with customer,  clientelle,  managers who think they're all that and more.  Then again,  this was in 1989 till early 90s.    His mother stated to him,  well the home ec teacher thinks you're good at cooking and baking.   That was a big mistake. The home ec teacher was actually really nice,   can't knock teachers,   at least some of them and they know something and can suggest not say you need to do this in life.  While going to 2 schools,  yes back then ,  here in Philadelphia there was a tech school one week and high school the other week.  It came down to baking and computers.   Well you guessed it I went for baking and the worst 3 yrs of my life and not knowing anything experience.  Long story short,  he finally went to his dad and said to him he doesn't want baking,  he never liked it,  he wants computers.   His father decided to try the state and Steve was still dissatisfied.  Steve wound up at a computer place for anyone who has certain issues like comprehension,   still working at a fast food place and generating nothing,  Steve worked in restaurants which turned out didn't really work well. 

After 2000,  Steve applied armored car work,  THe company that hired him was atms,  deposit pulls, etc.   The job could be dangerous if the workers aren't trained right.  Carrying concealed weapon with the act 235,  meaning in NJ you pull out a gun even without the license you're screwed,   big mistake, but technically not.   Steve talked to a tech who was fixing an atm and asked very nicely about pros and cons and the tech said you will learn but good luck in choosing.,  Steve decided to apply at a pizza shop,  pizza shops over work you,  they control and manipulate and go cheap labor trying to get orders validated,  As you read other blogs you get the point on what the big companies did to take advantage of their workers,    some offer a drivers mileage which goes down while the delivery charge goes up.   Currently,  working as a pizza maker at a small pizzeria in North East Philly. He had always been interested in making money and finding ways to improve his financial situation, but he never imagined that he would one day become a powerhouse seller on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. It all started with a small deposit of $200 that Steve had saved up. He knew that he wanted to invest his money wisely, but he wasn't sure where to start. That's when he met a software developer who took him under his wing and taught him how to work smart, not hard. The software developer showed Steve how to use technology to his advantage. He introduced him to a private network that provided him with instant intel on what price to buy products at and what price to sell the products at. This network allowed Steve to make informed decisions about which products to invest in and how much to sell them for. With this knowledge, Steve began to buy and sell products on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. He started small, but he quickly realized that he had a talent for finding the right products at the right price. He began to build a reputation as a reliable seller, and his business began to grow. Over the next 10 years, Steve continued to build his business. He shared his knowledge with others, teaching them how to use technology to their advantage. He became a respected member of the online selling community, and his reputation continued to grow. Today, Steve is a self-made millionaire with a thriving online business. He has built a self-made pension from his small deposit of $200, and he continues to invest in new products and technologies. He is grateful for the software developer who took him under his wing and taught him how to work smart, not hard. And he is proud to have built a successful business from his humble roots as a pizza maker at a small pizzeria in North East Philly.

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