Avoid Delivery charge fees , shipped fast and free to you same day or 2 days!.

Are you sick of paying fees for food?   Do you want the product delivered the same day as well as 2 days.   Are the food apps messing you up?   

Did you realize that the establishments utilize a credit card company to charge you a fee?    Sick of it,   we have the solution.

The big pizza chains,  we won't mention,  mislead for employment to get new employees( at will)  (contractors to ful fill their pockets lined up for millions).

We used to work for one of them,  when we filed for unemployment they deny everyone so they don't have to pay the tax and get the write off.  

They won't even reimburse properly for the drivers vehicles.   Things add up.

Did you know about what the delivery charge really is?

 What about the delivery charge?

The delivery charge is a separate fee that stays with the store and never been associated with the driver. Stores use it as a hidden cover charge to disguise lower advertised prices. The national chains keep the fee for themselves. They compensated their drivers for gas prior to enacting the fee. Local independent stores might give the fee to the driver for gas or hourly wages, but that is not part of the tip. The tip is unaffected. Tips are based on the bill amount after any delivery charge.

If the gas price goes up more,  the delivery charge cranks up as well.   That never happened even before the delivery charge came effect.

If you ask delivery drivers about that,  they have that look on their face.   Reasons why companies use the carryout method so they don't have to pay the drivers.   That is messed up.


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