Yelp and Social Media Platforms: Who Controls the Content?

Yelp and Social Media Platforms: Who Controls the Content?

A customer for Orangeburg Pecans made a comment and it was awesome.   Apparently ,  Yelp took it down because they claimed it was her first post and they don't allow it.   Sad that social platforms do that.   Maybe this will change a lot of minds for business owners,   Yelp will lie to you to think they will help you make money and that isn't the case.

Yelp and other social media platforms have become go-to sources for people to share their experiences with businesses. However, there are concerns about the accuracy and authenticity of these reviews. Yelp has been known to remove reviews that it deems biased or fake, but some users have accused the platform of removing reviews that are genuine. Yelp’s automated recommendation software is engineered to identify reviews originating from online review exchange groups, which attempt to flood sites with deceptive online reviews. Yelp works together with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to break up these groups 1. Yelp also has policies that prohibit conflicts of interest, hearsay, irrelevancy, or hateful content 2.

Similarly, Google’s approach seems to emphasize prevention at scale via machine learning algorithms that help to tackle fake reviews and listings. Google’s automated detection system is designed to identify and remove fake reviews 3.

It’s important to note that Yelp and other social media platforms have a responsibility to ensure that their content is accurate and unbiased. However, it’s also important for users to be aware of the policies and practices of these platforms. Users should be able to trust that the reviews they read are genuine and not influenced by any external factors.

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