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Praline Pecans Shelled Halves - Mammoth Size - 3 Pounds -

Praline Pecans Shelled Halves - Mammoth Size - 3 Pounds -

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The Perfect Snack for Any Occasion

Our USpecans Pecan Praline Shelled Halves Mammoth 3 pounds are the perfect snack for any occasion. These plump, round pecans are very flavorful partly due to their high oil content. They have what some describe as a “subtle sweetness” and are known as “Mammoth” pecans because of their size; the kernel is usually oily and flavorful1. Our pecans are shelled and ready to eat, making them perfect for snacking on the go or adding to your favorite recipes. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality pecans that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Plus, we offer fast shipping so you can enjoy your pecans as soon as possible. Order now and see why our customers keep coming back for more! Our key Ingredient is fast shipping,  private labeling 


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