ScanEZ - The Ultimate Book and Small Item Scanner .

ScanEZ - The Ultimate Book and Small Item Scanner .

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First,  item doesn't ship.   Please read this description.  

We actually tried doing an ad in the paper which did get responses.   So, we figured why not try a listing and see what happens.   This benefits everyone.  


Zoom and facetime preferred too as well.  We will scan the bar codes and we have an idea of what could sell fast.  Tell everyone that you know.   Heck,  even teach the kids too.   You never know,  this might be huge.

From books, games, puzzles, toys and more.  


As far as shipping,  we ship worldwide.   We do all carriers.  We're working on getting dhl on board.  If you want your address info added to our store,  we will work out anything.   

 ScanEZ is the ultimate scanner for books and small items. With ScanEZ, you can scan your books and small items quickly and easily. ScanEZ is perfect for anyone who wants to sell their books or small items online. With ScanEZ, you can scan your books and small items and upload them to your online store in seconds. And if you don’t have an online store yet, don’t worry! We’ll help you set one up. So why wait? Get ScanEZ today and start selling your books and small items online!

We want to introduce our licensed shipping software,  designed to help any business or small business owner streamline the shipping process faster and more conveniently, to get the packages out faster, and save money and time.  

The algorithm is way better than social media.   the software is perfect for businesses with any eCommerce,  sites like Amazon, ebay, and yours truly are what is defined.

Uspecans.com does have the shipping software,  so try pecans today and see how fast it gets to you.  

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